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High Quality Holiday Home Design

Expertise in the leisure and holiday industry providing furnishing solutions for the holiday let market.

It's your space - make it yours

VK Interiors have furnished numerous apartments and houses, and dealt with almost every obstacle that can arise from furnishing, package design and installations. We know that you can not have a bog standard furniture package that suits every house, so each of our designs is bespoke to the client and their property.

4 & 5 Star standard

Your holiday home will usually be exposed to more usage than normal, so we understand this and bear it in mind when selecting your design, furniture and accessories. Our service includes all items needed to holiday let at a 4 or 5 star standard.

Durable & Stylish

We have taken a substantial period of time sourcing the ideal furniture solutions for all types of holiday home. We specialise in providing quality and durable furniture, combined with the expertise of an Interior Designer, to give each property an individual and exclusive look.

Our aim is to upgrade the standard of holiday let property available, giving our investors increased income and full letting throughout the year.

Stand out from the competition

We continually receive feedback which allows us to review the products we offer in order to ensure that we are giving our clients the best quality and service for the most economical price, without compromising on standards.

We aim to ensure that a VK Interiors designed holiday property stands out in a competitive market.

We take great pride in our work and are consistently told by our clients how our service has been incredible and beyond their expectations.

Tell us about your project – we’d love to hear about it and see if we can help!

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